Art photography

BAMS' work to enhance sculptures, paintings and engravings

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Brescia, San Giovanni Evangelista, Moretto, Ultima Cena, particolare
Roma, San Pietro, Michelangelo, La Pietà
Caprino Veronese, Compianto sul Cristo Morto
Folzano (BS) Tiepolo, San Silvestro battezza Costantino
Milano, Santa Maria della Grazie, Leonardo da Vinci, Ultima cena, particolare
Ravenna, San Vitale, l’Imperatrice Teodora

The documentation of artistic heritage and the reproduction of works of art from the ground - together with aerial photography - are BAMS studio's main areas of interest.

BAMS is distinguished by the accurate research of the light that shapes architecture and the use of artificial lighting systems; by the use of special telescopic pneumatic poles up to 17 metres high, and by the constant updating of equipment and shooting techniques. For this BAMS has been called upon to work at world-famous sites such as:

• Pompeii, Naples (IT)
• St. Peter's, Rome (IT)
• Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem (IL)
• Chapel of Notre-Dame Du Haut, Ronchamp (FR)
• Chapel of the Rosary by Matisse, Vence (FR)
• Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence (IT)
• Basilica of San Zeno, Verona (IT)
• Musei Civici, Verona (IT)

Among the studio's most recent works is the significant photographic campaign carried out in the monumental complex of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, which took place over four months, mainly at night, with very high resolution shots.

Art photography services

  • Archaeology

  • Bas-reliefs

  • Paintings

  • Engravings

  • Mosaics

  • Sculptures

Francia, Vence, Matisse, La Cappella del Roario, particolare interno dell’altare
Francia, Vence, Matisse,La cappella del Rosario, albero della vita, particolare interno
Verona, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, allestimento mostra Caroto
Brescia, Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, allestimento interno sale espositive
Verona, Abbazia di San Zeno, Andrea Mantegna, Madonna con bambino, particolare
Verona, Abbazia di San Zeno, protiro fianco sud, rappresentazione dei mesi
Verona, Arche Scaligere