Aerial photography with helicopters and drones

BAMS technology at your service

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Cima Monte Adamello (BS)
Valtrebbia, Meandri di Brugnatello
Valtrebbia, Tartago
Firenze, Santa Maria del Fiore, Cupola del Brunelleschi e Battistero
Roma, Colosseo

Since 1982, BAMS has been shooting and taking aerial photographs using helicopters located throughout the country.

Aerial photography offers unprecedented keys to the documentation of artistic heritage, landscapes and more. This is why it has always represented one of BAMS studio's core activities.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and first-hand, BAMS has implemented its aerial work with the use of drones, using them side-by-side with ground and interior shots, to take evocative images that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

BAMS pays particular attention to UAS regulations by monitoring the sites designated for flight operations and requesting the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

Aerial photography services

  • Census and documentation of artistic, landscape and cultural heritage

  • Urban planning

  • Archaeological surveys

  • Construction sites’ documentation of major infrastructures

  • Tourism services

  • Historical images for legal conflict resolution

  • Aerial services for publishing houses

Grotte di Catullo, Sirmione (IT)
Salerno, Paestum
Napoli, Pompei
Venezia e Canal Grande
Salerno, Romagnano al Monte
Avellino, Calitri
Roma, Fontana di Trevi
Roma, piazza del Campidoglio